Using a modern technique of a EDPN Rubber Firestone cover produces a seamless, good looking roofing area, with a proven track record of over 50 years service life

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RubberCover EPDM

Small EPDM Roofing project? Big result!

Small Residential Flat Roofing applications require a specific roofing installation system. That’s why we designed Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing.

The system is based on high performing EPDM rubber membranes and a limited range of accessories offering a watertight and durable roofing solution.

Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing System is the ideal solution for small residential flat roofsand other extensions, verandas, dormers, porches, garages, carports, garden sheds, balconies, gutters and trailers. You name it.

Thanks to a unique combination of features and benefits, Firestone RubberCover is your first choice for smaller EPDM roofing projects.

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We offer a wide range of services including:

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